So, What If Conan Founded Hogwarts?

Okay, so it wasn’t Conan. It was a half-orc Barbarian/Wizard named Thaddeus Boarpimple, and he carved out a school for adventurers from the body of the primordial that killed his mother and destroyed his village. That was a long time ago, but his legacy of solving most problems with arcane fury and violence of almost comedic proportions lives on.

Meiri Wainwright and the Warlock’s Rock follows the exploits of five teenagers – The Chosen One, The Outsider Among Us, The Scion of Doom, and the two Stout and Hardy Dwarves (though they prefer to be called Meiri, Kalli, Amara, Dax, and Vin) – as they fumble and crit through their roles in a prophecy that’s part tragedy, part divine comedy, and all ambiguous.

Peep the Wiki. Once we get around to updating it, there will be some useful info there.

Meiri Wainwright and the Warlocks Rock

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