Samiel, Vicious Longsword +2

Vicious Longsword crafted from angelstuffs

weapon (melee)

Samiel, Vicious Longsword +2
Military one-handed heavy blade (Versatile, Silvered)
Damage: 1d8 Proficient: +3 Critical: +2d12 damage
Enhancement: +2 attack rolls and damage rolls.
Weight: 4 lb.
Communication: Glyphic, Empathy
Alignment: Good
Languages: Supernal
Skills: Samiel grants a +2 to interaction skill checks (Bluff, Diplomacy, and Insight) made while speaking Supernal (the target must also speak Supernal).


In the war against the Primordials, He-Who-Was called upon Samiel when retribution was the only recourse. A being of purest light and distilled fury, Samiel visited justice upon those who stood against his master. His cause was noble, his power pure, his reach unlimited – he was the last thing that many saw before meeting their maker.

Samiel basked in the light of his master, taking no pleasure from his duties or the adoration and fear they brought him. He lived merely to serve. When his master was betrayed by He-Who-Fell-To-Rise-Again, Samiel was reduced to his barest essence and cast into manacles to hold his master in place while the killing blow was dealt. Fully aware during the entire process, he felt something wholly alien to his being. He burned with the fires of vengeance. As he was in the form of chains, he was powerless to act upon this new desire and driven mad by his own impotent fury. As the betrayers cast him aside and let him fall to the world below, his oaths of vengeance went unheard. Still, he swore that the betrayers would pay for their crimes.

The first mortal to discover the Shackles of Samiel was driven mad by the emotions that washed over him. To restore his sanity, his allies broke the chains and cast them into steel and lead to weaken Samiel’s ability to project. One ally forged that steel into a sword and used it to settle his own debts of vengeance. Still, the troupe was never able to restore their friend. Somewhere in the furthest reaches of his consciousness, Samiel lamented this harm to an innocent. Still, he basked in the bloody vengeance of his wielders – moving through history as a catalyst for retribution in mortal history.

Kalli awakens from a dream of angels wielding fierce weapons, cold sweat upon her brow, and clutches her holy symbol tightly in silent prayer. Nearby, the sword that needed cleaning sits drawn and naked on a bench seat – all traces of tarnish gone from the blade.

Samiel had found a devil that would prove a fitting agent for his vengeance. For the first time he could remember, he basked in the prospect that his oaths could bear fruit. Weakened and dampened as he was, it was all he could do to display the name of his master, at least the parts he could remember, proudly upon his blade.

Samiel, Vicious Longsword +2

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