Carnage Execution axe +2

weapon (melee)

Carnage Execution Axe +2: This broad-bladed axe is heavily weighted for greater hewing power.
Brutal 2, High Crit
Cost: 3400
Enchancement: +2 attack rolls and damage rolls
Crit: +2d12 damage
Property: When you roll maximum result on at least one of this weapon’s damage dice the target takes extra damage equal to twice the weapon’s enchancement bonus.

Carnage weapon +2
No amount of time spent cleaning and maintaining this weapon removes the old, ingrained bloodstains. They are evidence of it’s power and purpose.

“Brathstum’s Warcry” Property: When you spend an action point to make a charge attack, the charge attack gains the Rattling keyword. If damage is delt with this attack the target takes a –2 penalty to attack rolls until the end of your next turn. A creature immune to fear is not subject to this penalty.


This axe was forged by Dax Soalaxe from a piece of the Doom Train that was destroyed during one of his adventures. The axe was forged in the train engines fire on the trip and Dax named it Brathstrum. In common it means Bloodstorm. The enchantments on the axe were placed there by Meiri Wainwright who is a friend of Dax’s and part of the adventuring party he was with during the Doom Train adventure. The Axe is promently marked with the Soulaxe crest on the flat counter weight on the back of the axe head.

The axe has developed a strange property when Dax is caught up in the throes of battle. It will occasionally emit a horrible scream when he makes a charging attack with the weapon. It seems to cause fear in the victim of his attack so Dax Dubbed this Brathstrum’s Warcry.

Soulaxe crest

This is what I think the crest looks like. Not sure is any of our Art folks would like to take a turn at tricking it out or not


Meiri Wainwright and the Warlocks Rock Bigdawg365