Dax Soulaxe

Thunderborn Minotaur Barbarian


Minotaur, Barbarian
Feral Might Option: Thunderborn Wrath
Guardian Sentinel (+2 to Perception)

STR 20, CON 18, DEX 11, INT 8, WIS 11, CHA 11

STR 17, CON 15, DEX 11, INT 8, WIS 11, CHA 11

AC: 18 Fort: 21 Ref: 15 Will: 14
HP: 63 Surges: 13 Surge Value: 15

Athletics +12, Intimidate +8, Perception +12

Acrobatics +2, Arcana +2, Bluff +3, Diplomacy +3, Dungeoneering +3, Endurance +6, Heal +3, History +2, Insight +3, Nature +5, Religion +2, Stealth +2, Streetwise +3, Thievery +2

Basic Attack: Melee Basic Attack
Basic Attack: Ranged Basic Attack
Minotaur Racial Power: Goring Charge
Barbarian Feature: War Cry
Barbarian Feature: Rage Strike
: Thunder Hawk Rage Attack
Barbarian Attack 1: Howl of Fury
Barbarian Attack 1: Howling Strike
Barbarian Attack 1: Avalanche Strike
Barbarian Attack 1: Thunder Hooves Rage
Barbarian Utility 2: Combat Sprint
Barbarian Utility 2: Shrug It Off
Barbarian Attack 3: Blood Strike
Barbarian Attack 5: Thunder Hawk Rage

Level 1: Thunderborn Rage
Level 2: Weapon Proficiency (Execution axe)
Level 4: Weapon Expertise (Axe)
Level 6: Bloodied Ferocity

Bestial Hide Armor +1 x1
Cloak of the Walking Wounded +1 x1
Adventurer’s Kit
Potion of Healing (heroic tier)
Carnage Execution axe +2 x1
Ironskin Belt (heroic tier) x1
Resplendent Boots (heroic tier) x1


Dax Soulaxe

Dax was a member a vial and corrupt clan (Clan name Goremaul) of Minotaur’s bound to the Horned God Baphomet. In his youth he realized that he was not like his tribe in that his ideas on what was right opposed everything the clan did. Dax was for the most part able to hide his feelings from the clan but his existence was tortured.

As he grew his physical gifts became apparent to those in the tribe and they began his weapons training until they deemed him ready to join a raiding party. The target was a nearby Dwarven trading camp. When the raid began Dax felt the invigoration of real battle for the first time and was freighted to realize he enjoyed the rage that seemed to fill him until he was presented with the moment that changed his life forever.

Before him stood a mother and child frozen in fear, the order from the raid leader was to leave no survivors but there was no way Dax could commit this atrocity. His commander saw the hesitation in Dax and began barking orders to kill but he could not strike these innocents down. Rage filled his commander who knocked Dax out of the way and took aim at the mother and child paying him no heed and in that instant Dax struck his commander with all the force he could bring to bear with his great axe cleaving his superior near in two and killing him instantly.

Other in the raiding party witnessed this act of betrayal and turned their attention to Dax. He would not allow this massacre to continue so he took up arms against those he had known the whole of his life even thou it likely meant his death. Dax fought wildly with abandon slaying his next two opponents with relative ease. But then he locked horns with the elder of the party, a grizzled veteran of many encounters. Dax fought bravely but knocked prone by his advisory with a wicked axe blow to the midsection. Bleeding and slowed Dax closed his eyes and prepared for death. The blow did not come and when Dax opened his eyes he saw one of the villagers had attacked his foe and drawn his attention.

Dax realized the man had no hope of defeating his opponent so he drew his remaining strength and charged his foe with the force he did not realize he had running him through with his horn killing him as they fell. Unable to muster the strength to move he was at the mercy of those around him Dax feel into unconsciousness expecting to never wake again.

To his surprise he did wake in what appeared to be a great stone cell. Sitting not far from him was a mighty looking dwarf gnarled with the scares of battles won and lost. He introduced himself as Adrik Soulaxe. He explained that he was spared the fate of the rest of his raiding party because of his actions. Adrik and a small band of camp guards had slain the rest of his party and Adrik had witnessed his act of mercy and subsequent betrayal of his brethren. Adrik explained that he may be allowed to live if his explanation for his actions were believable and acceptable.

Dax could not believe what he was hearing he may actually be free from the life that he despised if he could convince this dwarf of his true nature and intentions. Dax took his time explaining himself and the life he was forced to lead in order to survive Adrik listened intently and asked few questions. When Dax finished Adrik nodded gathered his things and left without a word. What would his fate be Dax wondered? This would either be a great new beginning or an abrupt end to his life. Resigned to the fact that his life lay in the hands of others and relieved that however this turned out he would never again be forced to endure his clans ways he slept.

He woke to the sound of steel boots on stone and the loud click of his cell lock. Adrik entered followed by several well armed dwarves. As Dax rose to his hooves he felt he knew his end was near and he had failed to convince Adrik of his intent and of his true nature. HE was shackled and lead from the room. The darkness of the corridors and there labyrinth like quality almost made Dax feel at home. He liked it here though he could not tell why. Yes this was as good a place as any to die.

Adrik lead the group through tunnels and into large caverns carved with the wonders of the dwarven world. Dax took in all he could almost enjoying his death march. Then they came to a great door the size of which Dax had never seen before. The doors began to swing open driven by unseen hands and the light of day poured into the great room. Adrik turned and grabbed
Dax by the shackles and began leading him out the old veteran seemed almost part of the stone as he walked. That is when Dax noticed the sound of distant thunder that almost seemed to emanate from Adrik. As they made their way out into the mountain pass and the open air the doors of the great dwarven city began to close behind them. Dax turn and realized they were leaving he and Adrik outside alone.

Adirk turned to him and began unlocking his Shackles. You belong to me now boy. I have spoken for you and your fate and mine are now one. You will train with me and learn the ways of the Thunderborn Barbarian as his eyes seemed to rage with a fire so great it looked to consume him. The thunder emanating from him grew louder and with a terrible roar that shook the very mountings they stood upon Dax’s training began.

The process to long hard hours of work but Dax took to it like a fish to water. He was soon besting other dwarves in the clan but every time Adirk stepped into the fray he was quickly bested by his mentor. Over time Dax came to think of Adrik as a father figure and Adrik treated him more like a son. It was the closest thing to family he had ever experienced. These times where good for Dax.

He was introduced to Kalli the Tiefling Paladin. They have a bond but sometimes there relationship is strained due to their completely different points of view on things. When it comes down to it they have each other’s backs even if they don’t like each other all the time. Kalli was present during the raid when Dax turned from his clan.

During one of Dax’s training missions he meets Amara. Due to their mostly like minded approach to life they become friends and the fact that she owed Dax money from a bet she lost to him was just one more reason for Dax to want to keep her around.

Vin Stoneforge is probably Dax’s best friend thou if you hear them banter on you would think they hate each other. There friendly rivalry started over a girl in Vin’s clan. Dax had been seeing a cousin of Vin’s that he also had an eye for. Vin Played the protective Cousin to try to drive Dax off but that did not have the desired effect. Dax has been trying to keep the relationships that he has had with others of Vin’s clan just far enough out of Vin’s sight that he cannot prove who Dax is seeing. The fact that Vin is a Goliath adopted by Dwarves is that common ground that binds the two together.

Meiri is kind of a strange figure in Dax’s life. She is the chosen one and that and her family’s wealth have afforded her privileges that very few ever have in life. Dax feels things have been given to her to easy and thinks of her as spoiled. The crux of his relationship with Meiri is that she is one of the nicest people Dax has ever met so he is conflicted when dealing with her.

Dax Soulaxe

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